Volcano Mount Agung and Lake Batur Bali

Amed Beach

Amed is a solitary village on a beautiful bay northeast of Tirtha Gangga. Amed is inhabited only by fishermen and seasalt processors. Amed sea is known as one of the best beaches for diving and snorkeling in Bali. Amed coast is very rich and beautiful.

Amed is one of Bali’s best diving spot. Amed is around 3 hours drive from the airport of Bali. Amed is north west of Amlapura, and a couple of hours drive from Candi Dasa. The drive is as rough as it is scenic, so once you get to Amed it’s a good idea to stay a few days.

There’s a collection of beaches around this part of the coast, and they are all good for snorkeling. Off the coast there’s a shipwreck, famous in diving circles, and boats can be hired to get there.

Amed is located on the scorner of Bali. The coastal strip from Amed to Aas is often referred to as ‘Amed’, but there are a few villages along the way including, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah and Selang. The landscape is a series of headlands overlooking bays, lined with fishing boats.

The local economy is supported by farming cattle and corn, fishing, diving and the hotel trade. The hole area is connected by one narrow road. Amed is ideal for people looking for a quiet place to relax. The coastal road was completed a couple of years ago and now you can drive all the way from Tirtaganga to Ujung in a clockwise manner, if you so desired.

To get to Amed from Kuta, you jump on the Bypass heading to Sanur, exiting Sanur the Bypass splits in 2, you take the one going right, which will turn into the coastal highway heading east.

You can make Candi Dasa in 2 hour from Kuta and after going through Tirtaganga, reach Amed proper in about 3.5-4 hours depending on how fast you go, how many times you stop etc. Distances are deceptive out here, so allow yourself 4 hours and you’ll be good.

Volcano Mount Agung and Lake Batur Bali

The Amed area is in the ‘corn belt’ a fact which becomes obvious when you’re there. The lack of rivers and streams, plus the mass of large volcanic boulders strewn across the landscape, means rice farming is not possible. The drive from Amed around to Ujung will take around 3 hours and it is particularly enjoyable to wave at the smiling local kids.

A car with driver, or self drive car would be the best way to explore the Amed area. As the coast turns west the vegetation increases and one is back into the rice belt at Ujung. The coastal road is narrow, but in okay condition, there are steep sections near the village of Seraya.

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