Candidasa Beach

Candidasa is a name of countryside located in Karangasem regency, eastern part of Bali. It is situated in a beach side about 2 hours from Bali’s International Airport. This countryside is blessed by the breathtaking view of Indian Ocean with the Nusa Penida Island as a backdrop. The beach is very beautiful with relative calm seawater which is ideally for snorkeling, diving and fishing.

It is surrounded by the tropical atmosphere with coconut trees are planted along the coastal that is perfect for holiday in the tranquility of Bali. In this site, we present a selected picture of Candidasa Beach in east part of Bali.

Candi dasa Beach is the eastern destination that is best equipped with accommodation possibilities and restaurants. The resort has undergone fast growth since the 1980s when there was basically nothing at all except for a few local houses. Facilities were built to add multiple choices for the sake of guests’ convenience.

Many visitors made their time to visit this destination to see some unspoiled destination outside the main areas. Now also an increasing number of package tours are offered that also include this area.

Visitors who would like to have a round trip in Bali, they usually include Candidasa in their itinerary. Candidasa with its laid back palm-fringed beaches make the atmosphere here sonatural. And its all still original. To enjoy the day, you can hire a jukung outrigger for snorkeling or fishing.

From here you can continue your visit to Tenganan village. It is considered to be the origin of the Balinese tribe. The village is strategically surrounded by hills. Unique tradition they inherited differentiates them from other Balinese. They have an annual tribe ritual with pandan war attraction.

The ancient tradition is maintained and adjusted with modern life preserved and maintained to survive and grow. Tenganan has 2 unique handicrafts, double ikat fabrics and atagrass accessories. There are some art shops inside the village that are owned and managed by the local people.

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