Riverside restaurant makes waves in Thailand as flood dining

Thailand | 9th October 2021

Titiporn Jutimanon, the proprietor of a Riverside restaurant in Bangkok, was concerned that flooding in Thailand would put an end to a business that was already failing because to the epidemic.

However, the rising Chao Phraya river tide brought with it an unexpected chance this week.

Rather of closing due to the floods, Titiporn’s restaurant is creating headlines by staying open for guests who are enjoying shin-deep dining and the excitement of dodging the surge of water set off by passing boats.

“The waves are really loved by the customers,” Titiporn, who owns the Chao Phraya Antique Cafe in Nonthaburi, north of Bangkok, said.

“What I had expected to be a problem turned out to be an opportunity.”

Customers sitting in wet seats, enjoying mouthfuls of food while long-tail boats whizz past, then stepping out of the way when waves strike, have gone popular on social media.

In recent weeks, flooding has struck over 30 northern and central provinces, boosting the levels of the renowned river that runs through Bangkok.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Titiporn’s company was forced to close, but she’s happy she braved the floodwaters.

“Not only do they like the ambiance, the grilled pork, and the sunset view,” she explained, “but the flood added an additional distinct aspect.”

“It’s such a blessing that the consumers adore it; the water didn’t deter them from coming.”

Customers applaud and laugh as the water breaches the eatery, knocking down their wooden chairs.

Every day, there are two sittings for customers to enjoy the experience while the water levels are at their greatest.

“It’s a wonderful challenge because you never know whether you’re going to get washed away while eating,” said Jetdanai Boonrod, 30.

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